Space ship thumb Hack the Hack Week tool

a project by hennevogel

This project is about advancing the tool you're currently browsing.

It got started back in Hack Week 9 to retire all the weird too...

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Space alien thumb error DB

an idea by cyberiad

Create a database of common and not so common error messages, warnings, etc. to provide references to bugzilla, TIDs, wikis, etc.


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Space raygun thumb Company Dashboard

an idea by hennevogel

Grab the workstation in the room behind the reception desk and make it a sere some dashboard framework like [dashing](https://shopify.git...

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Space suit thumb Get my hands wet with functional programming

a project by alexandrubonini

This is about starting to use functional programming paradigms that get used more and more?

It is mainly about rewriting a small test ...

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Space invader thumb Package some stuff for openSUSE-Factory

a project by pluskalm

There are some packages that I miss in openSUSE-Factory, some of them need to be packages, some are already in devel projects but not alw...

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Space raygun thumb Package all available Qt-based libraries

an idea by cschum

There are many 3rd party libraries based on Qt. Inqlude collects them all. The goal of this project is to package t...

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9315452 Scalability improvement for running tiedot database on SMP systems

a project by guohouzuo

tiedot is a general purpose, document database engine designed for both embeddable usage and running stand-alone DB server, implemented i...

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68747470733a2f2f7261772e6769746875622e636f6d2f68656e6e65766f67656c2f636861726f6e2f6d61737465722f6170702f6173736574732f696d616765732f636861726f6e5f6c6f676f2e706e67 Charon: A planet-like feed aggregator

an idea by hennevogel

Charon (ˈʃærən) is intended for communities of people, institutions or companies who blog. It aggregates all the feeds of the community i...

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Wammu 64x64 Splitting python-gammu out of Gammu

a project by mcihar

In past it was needed these project to be developed together due to unstable API of Gammu. This is now stable and having python module in...

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Weblate 64 Weblate 2.3

a project by mcihar

Work towards release of Weblate 2.3, the roadmap is in the issue tracker:


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