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7 - 11 October Nuremberg, Prague
3 - 4 / 7 - 9 October Provo, Taipei
8 - 12 October Beijing
Hack Week is the week where SUSE engineers can experiment without limits.
This is the opportunity to innovate, collaborate across teams, and learn.
What is hackweek

Hack Week 10

From October 7th - 11th, SUSE's hundreds of Linux engineers will spend five days working alone or on teams on projects of their own choice. Some will contribute to existing open source projects. Some will forge new paths. This event is occurring in all main engineering sites around the globe.

We are using this web site to coordinate our work. There is a place where you can enter and discuss your ideas, find collaborators for projects, and find inspiration. Browse through the ideas already entered, create your own, and edit, improve and discuss already existing ones.

There will be awards for the best ideas, the craziest adventures, and the most valuable contributions. Stay tuned for more details.

This is mostly a SUSE event but we're an open source company, and so what we do is publicly visible and available. We do invite the interest and participation of the community.

This is the entry point to our hackweek tool.
Enter new ideas. Browse, improve, and discuss existing ones.
Get inspired. Find collaborators for your projects.
Follow the latest Hack Week news and #hackweek10 on twitter.
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SUSE Hack week is happening in all offices around the world! Your location is missing? Tell us where you are.
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Provo +1 (801) 861-4272 Local map
Bellingham +1 (360) 715-1170 Local map
Nuremberg +49 (0)911-740 53-0 Local map
Prague +420 28 40 84000 Local map
Beijing +86 10 6533 9000 Local map
Singapore +65 6395 6888 Local map
Taipei +886 2 2376 0000 Local map
London Local map
Paris +33 1 55 62 50 00 Local map
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Curitiba Local map
Questions, ideas and comments?
Email: hackweek@suse.de
IRC: #hackweek on Freenode
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