SUSE Hackers, we're excited to announce that Hack Week 19 will take place February 10 through February 14 2020!

This Hack Week's theme will be:

Simplify, Modernize & Accelerate

We'd like to welcome everyone to join in the fun! Because for the first time, Hack Week is open to all of SUSE, not just Engineering!

By the way, working on a proposed project or a project in line with the theme is not mandatory. Every individual or team is free to explore any project or topic that interests them.

In the spirit of some past Hack Weeks, there will be awards of recognition for projects in the following areas:

  • Best Team Effort
  • Best Upstream Contribution
  • Best Cloud Project
  • Best Container Project
  • Biggest Uncovered Obstacle
  • Most Promising Project

Finally, we have exciting new grand prizes for the top two projects that meet one or more components of the theme. We'll share more details as we get closer to the start of Hack Week.

It's time to brainstorm and get your project ideas posted! What are you going to hack on?

Hack Week