Request firmware sign small Adding Linux kernel firmware signature support

a project by mcgrof

The Linux kernel already has cryptographic support for signature verification on data. This is used to digitally sign kernel modules at b...

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Amd logo.svg x86 instructions decoder

a project by bpetkov

This is the tool I've been working on since the last hackweek and it needs more work. It is basically an x86 instruction decoder with spe...

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Drill thumb Create working AppArmor profile for Chromium on openSUSE 13.2

a project by thardeck

I think AppArmor is a great tool to add an additional layer of security without much effort. While it is normally easy to create a profil...

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Hand file thumb Package tools for RC model

a project by adrianSuSE

Package open source tools used for radio controled models. Some of them needs patching, since they rely on pre-build binary blobs of open...

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Hand plane thumb Enlightenment Live CD

a project by simotek

Create a openSUSE 13.2 Live CD.

As enlightenment doesn't fit on the standard openSUSE CD I'd like to create a Image with it.

I ha...

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Saw thumb Tell me a story!

a project by rsblendido

Write an Android app for children between 5 and 7 years. The app contains a story that the child can read and interact with.

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Hand plane thumb Getting OBS to build virt-builder repositories

a project by cbosdonnat

virt-builder main repository contains quite a few distro images, but no opensuse one. The goal of this project is to make OBS able to cre...

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Saw thumb Hack Week 12 Lightning Talks

a project by cschum

We will have a series of short lightning talks to present what we have accomplished at Hack Week 12. In N├╝rnberg this will happen on Frid...

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Saw thumb The future of systems management

a project by j_renner

A new web UI for saltstack, possibly the future of systems management.

The official salt UI [hal...

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Wrench thumb Build Time Source Service support

a project by adrianSuSE

OBS source services can currenlty run on the developer workstation and some of them also on the OBS server side.

The goal of this proj...

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