Screwdriver thumb Yandex.Disk (video/pictures/music) XBMC add-ons

an invention by vlewin

Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service (like Dropbox) that gives you access to your photos, videos and do...

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Screwdriver thumb Write test cases for DAPS

an invention by fsundermeyer

DAPS, the "DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite" provides a tool set for easy creation and publicatio...

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Hand plane thumb YaST Developer Happiness: Reboot the Documentation

an invention by mvidner


We have Ruby now, yay! But the [developer documentation](

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Wrench thumb Learning about Docker

an invention by abergmann

Based on the hackweek 9 project from Flavio I'm playing around with <b>docker</b> and Linux containers.<br>

My goal is to have a priva...

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Ruler thumb SUSE Hackweek Gallery XBMC add-on

an invention by vlewin

Browse the SUSE Hackweek Gallery in XBMC on your TV :)


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Pliers thumb Continue on osc3 porting

an invention by mvyskocil


In a previous hackweek project ( I have converted osc code t...

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Hand file thumb Optimize KIWI product build in Open Build Service (OBS)

an invention by lslezak


OBS can build not only build traditional RPM packages, but it can even build appliances ...

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Chisel thumb Testbus

an invention by okir

Create a framework for running tests distributed across a number of hosts. The goal is to be able to run tests for things like

  • typ...
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Pliers thumb Cloud rearrangement: VM migration path-finding

an invention by aspiers

There are several use cases where it's beneficial to be able to automatically rearrange VM instances in a cloud into a different placem...

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Screwdriver thumb supportconfig database

an invention by leonardocf

The supportconfig utility is used by support teams to collect all information needed to troubleshoot a system in one shot.

The objecti...

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