Screwdriver thumb froxlor Server Management Panel

a project by asemen

froxlor Server Management Panel

create and start a push request upstream the openSUSE Leap 42.1 configuration tab

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Pliers thumb pmpman

a project by osynge

this work has experimented with zeromq sqlalchamy and multithreading in python to make a rich tool for syncronisation of your music colle...

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Hand file thumb Porting SHA1 codes to EFI stub environment

a project by joeyli

For Hibernate Signature Verification - HMAC version, I need a hash algorithm in EFI stub environment before ExitBootServices() to mix / m...

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Pichacky Dochazka

a project by smithfarm

Dochazka is a long-term project to replace the obsolete Attendance & Time Tracking system used by the Prague office since 2007. Dochazka ...

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Drill thumb Look at network test tools

a project by david_chang

Learn more about network performance testing tools. I would like to get more fimilar with netperf and iperf. Try to find out what's diffe...

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Pliers thumb Build openSUSE for m68k

an idea by AndreasSchwab

Lorem ipsum

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Saw thumb A platform a day keeps the doctor away

a project by insilmaril

Finish Qt 5 port of vym and port to as many operating systems as possible.

During Hackweek I managed to get vym to run on

  • openSUS...
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Ruler thumb mod_nss and related bugs

a project by stokos1

There are so many bugs which is related to mod_nss like bnc#863518 or bnc#897712.

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Hammer thumb improving touchpad driver

an idea by maweiss

Well, I already joined a project, but for those of you who still don't have one and need some good ideas, why not improving the tenuous t...

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Yoga cats Yoga in Space

a project by bigironman

We are not hacking on the keyboard but with our own body, learning techniques to relax and strengthen the body to fight gravity. Welcome...

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