Play with CoreOS

a project by wanghaisu

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. CoreOS is...

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Warp speed for virtualization CI testing

a project by jfehlig

The virtualization team's automated testing has a long history. It was born in the old Novell Integration Test framework. The virtualiz...

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Rebirth Guile-Lua

a project by NalaGinrut

GNU Guile-2.2 will be based on brand new backend, CPS(continuation passing style) as the most significant IR, and a RegisterVM. These are...

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Travis CI support for Yast

an invention by lslezak


Travis provides nice integration with GitHub, it can automatically run tests for every commit or every pull request....

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Learn SELinux CIL

a project by jsegitz

SELinux Common Intermediate Language is a language that allows the creation of SELinux policies. Some of the traditional constrains (tigh...

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openSUSE on QEMU/AArch64 + UEFI

an invention by gary_lin

The UEFI image for QEMU/AArch64 is available in the openSUSE build service now. However, there is no openSUSE image for that setup. This ...

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detect and visualise git commits' patch-based dependencies

a project by aspiers

It is well-known that two git commits within a single repo can be independent from each other, by changing separate files to each other, ...

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Look at using the boost graph library as main container for devices in libstorage

a project by aschnell

Storing the devices in libstorage as a graph looks like a natural approach. The boost graph library (BGL) could be used here instead of t...

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CalDAV/CardDAV client in PHP

a project by holgisms

CalDAV [1] and CardDAV [2] are client/server protocols designed to allow users to access and share calendar and contact data on a server....

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NFC login on openSUSE

a project by acho-novell

Using NFC(Near field communication) tag / phone Lock and Unlock ( replace password login ) on openSUSE with Gnome.

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