Android libvirt client

a project by cbosdonnat

The project aims at kick-starting an Android application to manage libvirt-based VMs and containers. The libvirt build on android expedit...

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Broaden image segmentation functionality of OpenCV

a project by mbenes

OpenCV is an open source computer vision and image processing library (

During the hackweek I'd like to broaden...

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a project by wiederda

Package a basic, stripped down version of sysvinit for emergency cases, so you can repair a failed system without interference. My goal i...

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Package DAPS for Debian using the BuildService

a project by tbazant

DAPS ( is a tool we use in the documentation team to create/validate/exp...

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evince: personal pdf center

a project by dliang


who has lots of PDFs to read


  1. where is my PDFs (don't want open Nautilus)

  2. which one am I goin...

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fix performance problem in soundkonverter

a project by wiederda

I'm using soundkonverter a lot (my whole music collection is flac, but for the car or my children I prefer mp3) and it is working fine. H...

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Take a stroll in dependency hell

a project by jgleissner

While packaging node.js modules, which often depend on specific versions of other node.js modules, sometimes many of them, you easily end...

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package inputlirc (or add it to existing lirc package)

a project by wiederda

inputlirc is superior to previous lirc input daemon as it can monitor multiple input sources at the same time. This is needed for some ne...

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finish de-l3slaveing of crash-setup

a project by mhocko

The primary motivation for crash-setup (created by l3team) is to make kernel crashdumps deployment and crash using as easy as possible. T...

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understand and possibly improve cscope

a project by mhocko

cscope is a great tool index C/C++ sources and allow to navigate through the code. I have learned that the project is mostly dead and wha...

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