Logo Trivialine - an Online Multiplayer Trivia

a project by cyntss

<a href="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/" target="blank"><img src="https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/1035603031240...

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Chisel thumb Video presence system for distributed teams

a project by ancorgs

Those working remotely or managing a distributed team know it: face time is invaluable. The former openSUSE team has been using http://sq...

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Ruler thumb Get my hands wet with functional programming

a project by alexandrubonini

This is about starting to use functional programming paradigms that get used more and more?

It is mainly about rewriting a small test ...

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Earth openSUSE Landing Page Prototype

a project by hennevogel

www.opensuse.org is the single most accessed page in the SUSE/openSUSE universe. With 1.5 million visits per month it generates **2.5...

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Drill thumb Learn the Basics About Creating Android Apps

a project by keichwa

What's about an app that helps you with downloading openSUSE documentation?

Does a free app for managing gettext files (.pot, .po) alr...

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Chisel thumb Say Hello To Ceph!

a project by wanglh

Learn ceph architecture and try to deploy a ceph cluster.

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Ruler thumb Look at network test tools

a project by david_chang

Learn more about network performance testing tools. I would like to get more fimilar with netperf and iperf. Try to find out what's diffe...

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Saw thumb GNOME Localization for zh_CN (Relaunched)

a project by ychen

GNOME is important to openSUSE and other distributions. I would like to help with the translation of GNOME. Mainly, the focus will be on ...

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Chisel thumb MirrorPinky

a project by darix

A web frontend for the mirrors in the mirrorbrain database to allow the mirror admins to manage their entries themself.

You might k...

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586 Replace the SUSE Manager client stack with an existing configuration management software

a project by kwk


The SUSE Manager client stack is rather simple, in regular intervals it asks the SUSE Manager Server for scheduled actions and...

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