Experiment with no-mmu Linux (STM32F429I-DISCO)

an invention by a_faerber

A broad range of ARMv7-A boards have been enabled in openSUSE already. I would like to complement my experiences by bringing up Linux o...

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Make systemd-nspawnd usable for support purposes.

a project by tsaupe

Report from the research mailing list:

some colleagues and myself had a small SLES 12 troubleshooting workshop today. We were playing ...

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Porting SHA1 codes to EFI stub environment

a project by joeyli

For Hibernate Signature Verification - HMAC version, I need a hash algorithm in EFI stub environment before ExitBootServices() to mix / m...

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a project by osynge

this work has experimented with zeromq sqlalchamy and multithreading in python to make a rich tool for syncronisation of your music colle...

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