Drill thumb Twopence

an invention by e_bischoff

Twopence is (will be) a remote execution engine for tests, able to run tests in virtual machines and real hardware through various means ...

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Hammer thumb Reimplementation of "quilt setup"

an invention by jdelvare

I would like to change the way "quilt setup" is implemented.

At the moment, we call rpmbuild and intercept the calls to tar and patch ...

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Hand file thumb HTML5 testdrive for SUSE Studio

an invention by JKrupa2

There are more and more devices with no Adobe Flash plugin support in web browser (new Android and Apple phones and tables, etc.). The ai...

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Crowbar Crowbar on openSUSE

a project by tboerger

In order to build a community around crowbar, our cloud installer, we need to get this running on openSUSE as well. So let's find some ti...

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Saw thumb Support for automatically building kernels with user-influenced configuration

an invention by vbabka

Sometimes a user might want to build her own kernel instead of using the provided binary, for various reasons. This means creating own .c...

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Klogo official oxygen 128x128 Work on KDE translation improvement

a project by vpelcak

I intend to work on translation of KDE to Czech language.


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Saw thumb Create new mirror-script package

a project by mcaj

I`d like to create new set of tools for mirroring ISOs and repositories from "master" server to slaves/mirrors.

ATM we are using very ...

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Screwdriver thumb I want to learn the Nette framework

a project by tbazant

See http://nette.org

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Screwdriver thumb Play with OpenCV

a project by nadvornik

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library.

The goal is to ...

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Screwdriver thumb Improve Maintenance-workflow in BuildService

a project by BenniBrunner

  • automated generation of patchinfos
  • improve incident-view
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