Hand plane thumb Port Spacewalk to openSUSE

a project by moio

Spacewalk is the upstream project of SUSE Manager.

Currently Spacewalk runs on RHEL, CentOS and Fedora, while SUSE Manager runs on SLE...

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Hand file thumb From kickstart to jumpstart

a project by schillingf


Misstion Statement: Modernize kickstart to make it ready for the future. This includes rewriting it.

What is ...

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Hammer thumb N00B Project: 2D game in Python

a project by bhertwig

Two trainees embarking on their coding adventure!

A lack of beginner-level projects brought us to the idea of starting our own little ...

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Drill thumb add IP camera to new kicker room to reduce collisions

a project by sleep_walker

From time to time we face collisions when two teams would like to play at the same time.

As our kicker table moved back to our buildin...

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Hand plane thumb Upgrade SMBTA monitor

a project by gschlotter

Bring the smbtamonitor-qt to a stage where it can be released, with some additional changes.

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Drill thumb Move QAM cloud from physical machines into virtual platform

a project by djz88

To add more flexibility, variability and increase testing capacity we would like to move QAM cloud nodes from physical machines(in NUE) i...

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Hand plane thumb fdisk and libfdisk upstream hacking

a project by puzel

The project is to address fdisk/libfdisk TODO items from upstream util-linux project:


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Wrench thumb gdb-kdump

a project by alnovak

The goal of the project is making the gdb able to open compressed kernel dump - access its memory contents at the very least.

If one w...

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Yoga cats Yoga in Space

a project by bigironman

We are not hacking on the keyboard but with our own body, learning techniques to relax and strengthen the body to fight gravity. Welcome...

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1147473 Port Spacewalk to Salt-Stack

an invention by dmacvicar

Spacewalk has its custom client stack.

Salt stack provides a big bunch of it, but it is a popular community project and add other feat...

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