Currently python2 and python3 packages are completely independent. Would be imho good to build py2 and py3 versions from a single source (as Fedora, Debian & Ubuntu do already). There was already a mailing list post about this:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 11


  • posophe
    over 6 years ago by posophe | Reply

    I'm one of the d:l:p maintainer. I could help during the week

  • matejcik
    over 6 years ago by matejcik | Reply

    oh yeah, i was thinking about working on this more on HackWeek, I might join you :)

  • tbechtold
    over 6 years ago by tbechtold | Reply

    FYI: I also added another python project ( It's about tracking upstream versions from pypi. Maybe you are interested in this project as well?

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