Pebble smartwatch is a nice gadget I own and I'd like to start playing with it at the code level.

One goal would be to create a SUSECon / conference application for it, allowing to choose which talks I will attend and make sure the watch will notify me in advance a session will begin.


  • fcrozat
    over 6 years ago by fcrozat | Reply

    Hackweek - got a Pebble watchface working, featuring a Geeko and Javascript integration - learned some javascript and JSON to hack into SUSECon website to extract sessions title and schedule, to have them in JSON format - unfortunately, didn't had time to do the final part on the pebble application: - configuration webpage to "register" sessions to be monitored (need to be hosted somewhere) - local storage of those settings on the phone - timer to wake up the watch when a session is about to start

    Tweets about my progress (pictures included):

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