kGraft is SUSE Labs answer to the rising need for being able to patch the running kernel without rebooting the system. I think this kind of tool is very cool, so by this hackweek chance, I want to investigate it how it works and how it was implemented. And also by this chance, I hope I can improve my ability of kernel hacking. If you are also interested in kernel live patching, please join this project together.


  • jordimassaguerpla
    about 5 years ago by jordimassaguerpla | Reply

    I took a look at kgraft during the appliance workshop. There was very few documentation, at least public documentation, which took me less than a day to read.... I'd love to do more on kgraft but don't know what. Any idea on what will you do?

  • jordimassaguerpla
    almost 5 years ago by jordimassaguerpla | Reply

    I am leaving this project cause I am already on 2 other projects.

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