Play with CoreOS

a project by wanghaisu

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. CoreOS is...

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Look at using the boost graph library as main container for devices in libstorage

a project by aschnell

Storing the devices in libstorage as a graph looks like a natural approach. The boost graph library (BGL) could be used here instead of t...

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NFC login on openSUSE

a project by acho-novell

Using NFC(Near field communication) tag / phone Lock and Unlock ( replace password login ) on openSUSE with Gnome.

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From kickstart to jumpstart

a project by schillingf


Misstion Statement: Modernize kickstart to make it ready for the future. This includes rewriting it.

What is ...

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Zypper dup migration from sle11-sp3 to sle12

an idea by oertel

During all of sle10 and sle11 it was possible to do a migration via zypper dup from one to the next service packs (and with some care eve...

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Learn and help learn

a project by kstreitova

I'm in SUSE for about a month and as a fresh graduate I had to learn a lot of stuff during this period. And there is a bunch of other thi...

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Project MySelf

a project by cschum

The goal of Project MySelf is to build a system to collect data about yourself in a safe and private way, so that you control your data a...

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GNOME Localization for zh_CN (Relaunched)

a project by ychen

GNOME is important to openSUSE and other distributions. I would like to help with the translation of GNOME. Mainly, the focus will be on ...

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merge sikuli to openqa.

a project by yfjiang

Investigate the good way to put sikuli into openqa.

  1. review current status of sikuli project
  2. review current status of openqa 3....
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Find Socket and Pipe Partners

a project by eeich

For debugging purposes one often times needs to know the communication partner on a socket or pipe a program has open. This information ...

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