Hammer thumb ESCape

a project by sbehlert

There are a few scripts around analysing isos and helping ReleaseManagers (and others) to achieve a great release. I'd like to see this a...

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Pliers thumb Find Socket and Pipe Partners

a project by eeich

For debugging purposes one often times needs to know the communication partner on a socket or pipe a program has open. This information ...

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Ruler thumb Setup a jenkins server and made our ftp/http/pxe/slp server automated

a project by zxdvd

I want to gain some knowledge about CI and devops. I wrote a script to generated configuration files for pxe server and slp sever. I n...

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Wrench thumb GNOME Localization for zh_CN (Relaunched)

a project by ychen

GNOME is important to openSUSE and other distributions. I would like to help with the translation of GNOME. Mainly, the focus will be on ...

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Saw thumb Leave Management Tool

a project by cachen

It's a tool or website for Bej employee to manage his(her) leave days, then they don't need ask HR for each time.

An idea for learning...

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Wrench thumb Bug Stats for upstreams in the public

a project by zzhou

Q: How many new bugs opened over time for a package?

The question is simple, but need some effort to answer in the context of a distr...

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Saw thumb Package all available Qt-based libraries

an idea by cschum

There are many 3rd party libraries based on Qt. Inqlude collects them all. The goal of this project is to package t...

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Drill thumb Project MySelf

a project by cschum

The goal of Project MySelf is to build a system to collect data about yourself in a safe and private way, so that you control your data a...

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Chisel thumb support git2tar ball packaging as part of the build process

an idea by adrianSuSE

To have a more efficient upstream packaging support in OBS, I want to implement the following

  • Support to mirror git/svn/.. trees on ...
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Ruler thumb remote pi

a project by radmanic

I'd like to add a 433MHz receiver transmitter module to my raspberry pi - I know there are some kits, but this will require some hardware...

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