My idea was created out of a need in my current team(Hardware-enablement). Whilst excessive SLE testing on multiple machines i was forced to remember tons of ips to debug remotely. Since i had to reinstall new releases over and over again, ips differ, obviously.

My approach to make life easier would be to create a simple cli to manage and administrate multiple connections on my local machine.


  • Add ips

  • sorted by frequency

  • small note / description

  • prefered user

  • option e.g. -X, -p etc.


ssh-manager -a prefered_user@10.120.x.x -o optional_parameter


1: your | notes, prefered user parameter

2: various | notes, prefered user parameter

3: ips | notes, prefered user parameter

There are several other solutions to this problem but i could not find the exact same approach.

There is POV [a] and many many more..

Will be implemented either in ruby or in C(ncurses)


basic functionlity





search by

connect to multiple ips with given criteria

support for xfce4-terminal, gnome-terminal, xterm, uxrvt

settings: open each connection in tabs or in new windows


connect options: [-X, -L etc..]

autodeploy sshkey to machine.

disable securelogin: ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no peter@

add rpsec tests

add proper documentation


sudo gem install ssh-manager

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    • hurhaj
      over 5 years ago by hurhaj | Reply

      what about re-installation of local machine? maybe exporting into a file and then loading from it?

    • jschmid1
      over 5 years ago by jschmid1 | Reply

      Ye, this would be a solution. imho, the next-level implementation would be to make it client-server based to have all your settings extern so you can access your configuration from wherever you want. But i dot think i can make it in 1 week, since iam not that experienced and therefore kinda slow :) but thanks for mentioning ;>

    • pcerny
      over 5 years ago by pcerny | Reply

      how about using ssh_config(5), parsing it with shell + dialog(1)?

    • jschmid1
      over 5 years ago by jschmid1 | Reply

      oh, this makes it a lot easier and more elegant :). thanks alot. ill definetly try that out

    • jschmid1
      about 5 years ago by jschmid1 | Reply

      Basic stuff is done.

      also added mutliconnect functionality.

      -m 22 => connect to all connections with port 22 -m work => connect to all connections with note/group 'work'

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