To have a more efficient upstream packaging support in OBS, I want to implement the following

  • Support to mirror git/svn/.. trees on source server
  • Copy entire source trees to workers
  • Support pre-rpmbuild (or deb or kiwi) source modification (esp. for creating tar balls from git trees) as part of the build process.

Current plan is to re-use source service infrastructure for that.


  • adrianSuSE
    about 6 years ago by adrianSuSE | Reply

    The same functionality would also help darix gem2spec generator, since it can adapt spec files to workaround limitations on build time, depending on the build target.

  • jreidinger
    about 6 years ago by jreidinger | Reply

    you can take as inspiration which we use for packaging and command rake tarball in fact create tarball from git -

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