Travis provides nice integration with GitHub, it can automatically run tests for every commit or every pull request.

It is already used in e.g. registration module, see the build result.

Unfortunately the current support is quite limited, the problem is that Yast packages are not available at Travis builders. The workaround is to mock used Yast calls (that leads to overmocking) and reimplementing some Yast core functions. Another solution is to test only the functionality which does not rely on Yast much, but that means the code coverage will be rather small...

Provide Yast packages for Ubuntu

Travis allows to install additional packages (see the doc), but the builders are running Ubuntu and we do not have Yast packages for Ubuntu...

The solution is to repackage Yast packages to deb packages for Ubuntu in YaST:Head:Travis OBS project.


  1. We do not need to package all Yast modules, just the base packages like yast2-core, yast2, yast2-ruby-bindings and the dependent packages, the leaf packages do not need to packaged.

  2. It's really about repackaging, the Yast packages will very likely not work in Ubuntu out of box (because of different config files, package names, file locations, services, different system defaults, different package management...). But that should not matter as the system access will be stubbed/mocked in the tests anyway, for running tests the real functionality is not needed, we just need that the files can compiled and loaded.

Current Status

I have already started the project at the CSM department workshop last month. What has been done:

  1. YaST:Head:Travis OBS project set up

  2. Some modules already have .travis.yml file added and Travis builds are enabled in Travis branch

  3. There is the overview of already converted modules is available

The Goal

  1. Enable Travis builds for all currently maintained Yast packages (in Git master branch)
  2. As a side effect we could attract some Debian/Ubuntu developers to help us with the Yast port and this could help us to broaden the community around Yast.

The Future

  1. The support could be enhanced to other Git branches, for example SLE12-GA branch could be used for testing SLE12 maintenace updates.
  2. The tests run at Travis can be enhanced to report test code coverage using coveralls



Looking for hackers with the skills:

packaging travis obs yast

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


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  • Comments

    • lslezak
      about 6 years ago by lslezak | Reply

      The Result

      I have managed to enable Travis support to all Yast modules, which I consider a big success!

      See the details in this document.

      This should improve testing automation for all Yast modules and we should be more confident when doing changes in Yast as basically every commit to Git master will be automatically tested.

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