Maybe it is yet another wheel

but still worth to do. The original idea is come from

This is only a script. I plan to build it with python. I need to study ssl related modules first. So I'm not sure when the project can be done. Nevertheless I make it as an opportunity to learn python programming.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

openssl python

This project is part of:

Hack Week 12


  • vitezslav_cizek
    about 5 years ago by vitezslav_cizek | Reply

    Do you mean something like Eg. It has public api:

  • vitezslav_cizek
    about 5 years ago by vitezslav_cizek | Reply

    Do you mean something like ssllabs?<br/> Example for<br/> It has public api.

    • whdu
      almost 5 years ago by whdu | Reply

      Yes, it's the kind of thing like that. But I want to implement locally so don't depend on third part on-line api. The advantage is to work in a isolated network (for confidential considering). The most important is that the code should be freed(opened).

      But anyway, people may think it's recreating the wheel. I'm okay with recreate wheels ;)

      • vitezslav_cizek
        almost 5 years ago by vitezslav_cizek | Reply

        No problem.<br/> Btw, here's another project you might be interested.<br/> It's an SSL fingerprinting tool written in python.

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