Webfrontend for who-is-an-expert-for at SUSE

a project by jloeser


You have a problem/question and don't know who could help you at SUSE?

-> Visit 'experts.suse.de', search for 'foo' and get ...

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Experience with SLERT11 SP3 and try build SLERT11 SP4 Alpha 2 image

a project by Jeffreycheung

Due to the newly appointed PM of SLERT 11 SP4, I would like to try out the SLERT 11 SP3 to experience the REAL TIME features so that I ca...

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add LVM support to Guix System Distribution

a project by sleep_walker

LVM support for Guix System Distribution

With GNU Guix 0.8.1 and it's distribution there is sti...

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Integrate e1000e into the Linux Kernel Backports project

a project by benjamin_poirier

The current approach to having new hardware support and features in SLE kernels it to integrate changes to individual drivers from the ma...

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A programming language exploration

a project by KGronlund

I would like to have a programming language that has the performance characteristics of C, but integrates some programming language featu...

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Porting SHA1 codes to EFI stub environment

a project by joeyli

For Hibernate Signature Verification - HMAC version, I need a hash algorithm in EFI stub environment before ExitBootServices() to mix / m...

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Generic disaster recovery

an invention by jsmeix

Basically the idea is to boot inst-sys but to not run YaST and instead run a selfmade script that does the usual disaster recovery steps...

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Have a look at http://www.libarchive.org/ library

a project by metan

Have a look at the library implementation and its API.

I'm just curious about the library implementation. If things goes nicely I may ...

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openQA webVTT subtitles

a project by bmwiedemann

The webVTT standard (nearly the same as the older SRT subtitles) allows to add subtitles to a video. We could use this in openQA to show...

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Learn Salt by converting ansible scripts to salt states.

a project by kbaikov

I would like to learn Salt by converting ansible scripts to salt states. Current ansible scripts do some QA tasks on cloud nodes, so i t...

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