Nailing Products to a Dashboard

a project by m_meister

Nailed is a Sinatra app which currently shows Bugzilla, Githu...

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[ARM] Bootstrap ILP32 on AArch64

a project by algraf

Some customers are still stuck in a world of 32bit. On ARM64, we have two options for those poor folks:

1) Run applications in the l...

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Improve posixovl to support fully featured POSIX file system on top of any limited file system (e. g. vfat)

a project by sbrabec

posixovl is a FUSE based successor of the old UMSDOS. It has a goal to provide POSIX file system functionality on top of vfat. Its code i...

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mount option helper for VFAT and other file systems

a project by sbrabec

While auto-mounting a VFAT volume in a desktop environment, there is no way to select required mount options for the particular volume. ...

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Porting Twinkle to Qt5

an invention by mkubecek

Twinkle, my favourite SIP client, seems no longer developed, has been accused of "bitrotting" and even dropped from some distributions. W...

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CHDK2gphoto2: Canon Hack Developer Kit support for libgphoto2

a project by msmeissn

Continue on the started CHDK (Canon Hack Developer Kit) for libgphoto2 support.

Work on various other libgphoto2 camera things over th...

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openQA Notifier - A Chrome extension for monitoring your openQA instance status

a project by mlin7442

Displays your openQA instance status, the feature/behavior should had at least like the list belo...

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Simple user interface for head mounted displays

a project by chuller

Create a user interface useable with a see through head mounted display. The display was created from some Chinese video glasses and has ...

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Make disk encryption options configurable in YaST installer

a project by AndreasStieger

In the YaST installer, make disk encryption method, mode, key strength, random source etc configurable.

The rationale is that user req...

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Getting more familar with Greasemonkey User Scripting (IITC plugin)

an invention by sndirsch

Get more familar with Greasemonkey User Scripting, in particular with using the IITC framework, which manipulates Ingress Intel map. The ...

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