Learn Rust

a project by aplanas

Rust, the new language from Mozilla Foundation, is a modern systems programming language focusing on safety and speed. It accomplishes th...

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Finish crmsh history guide

an invention by dmuhamedagic

There's a crmsh history guide in works for a very long time and it really really needs to be finished.

Good and interesting examples ...

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Research about existing Google Drive Linux clients

an invention by sndirsch

Get an overview about the unofficial Google Drive clients, which exist for Linux. Give them a broader testing. Figure out which one is us...

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Tumbleweed as a Server OS?

a project by RBrownSUSE

My home server, and my other box hosting https://sysrich.co.uk are both in need of a bit of a refresh

While I could be nice and conser...

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Simplify packaging our books

a project by keichwa

Our books are also available as regular software packages such as 'sles-manuals_en'.

There is a semi-private script that I use to gene...

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a project by osynge

this work has experimented with zeromq sqlalchamy and multithreading in python to make a rich tool for syncronisation of your music colle...

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Learn more about dropwatch

a project by david_chang

dropwatch is a utility which can help you to see if data is been dropped in linux network stack.

The plan is to learn what actually dr...

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Dive into drbd8.4.x and drbd9

a project by wanghaisu

DRBD refers to block devices designed as a building block to form high availability (HA) clusters.Also possible to combine multiple devic...

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Multiqueue ramdisk

a project by hreinecke

There is a ramdisk block device (brd), and there is a null multiqueue device (nullblk). The one can do I/O, but doesn't use multiqueue, a...

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Port a fake signal optimization to kGraft

a project by mbenes

We currently work on a consistency model for upstream livepatching infrastructure. We use something called a fake signal to speed up a fi...

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