Chromium/Chrome is - unlike Firefox - not able to save the password for many sites.

There is already one extension which should fix this but doesn't work and there is also the Chrome Lastpass extension which is not supposed to have this problem but since I don't really need the other features it is no option.

So the purpose of this project is to learn writing a Chrome extension, fix this annoying behavior and maybe get to know how protected the Chrome password api is.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 12


  • coolo
    almost 6 years ago by coolo | Reply

    I don't want to stop you, but before you start, have a look at

    • thardeck
      almost 6 years ago by thardeck | Reply

      Thx for the hint. I tried several of the autocomplete off override extensions and they didn't work on all websites or not at all. And there were comments that it doesn't work anymore but I am going to look into them.

      • thardeck
        almost 6 years ago by thardeck | Reply

        autocomplete=off should be ignored in Chromium since some time,!msg/chromium-dev/zhhj7hCip5c/PxbtDtGbkV0J , so the extension doesn't help but there are still many websites were saving passwords doesn't work

  • thardeck
    almost 6 years ago by thardeck | Reply

    It seems that Chrome extensions can't access the password manager. So the main possibility is to have an extensions to work around issues in websites which prevent saving of passwords. I don't think that this would be very useful since autocomplete=off is ignored in Chrome anyway and automatically messing with all websites with password fields doesn't seem as a good idea for random fixes.

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