I would like to learn Salt by converting ansible scripts to salt states. Current ansible scripts do some QA tasks on cloud nodes, so i thought it would be a good idea to convert them to salt after reading salt tutorial. The plan is also to substitute some mkcloud script parts with salt.

Also any real projects are welcome. If you have an infrastructure already in place and need some help with salt that a beginner can help you with do not hesitate to offer.


  • Druonysus
    almost 5 years ago by Druonysus | Reply

    I have been working on Salt for years. I have implemented it at 3 different companies from the ground up. I am even certified by SaltStack (for what it's worth). I train people on Salt at work, and help troubleshoot errors in State files, all the time. I have not done a lot with Python, so I don't write a lot of custom Runners, Execution or State modules, or Grains, but I have been able to cobble some simple Python together on the rare occasion. I don't know much about Ansible, but I'm happy to help in any way I can.

    • kbaikov
      almost 5 years ago by kbaikov | Reply

      That is awesome. How can i contact you?

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