Tronsmart has a Rockchip rk3368 based set-top-box [1].

I want to use it as a arm64 based workstation running openSUSE. The first steps are done and a v4.4-rc1 based kernel boots. The only thing needed right now is the crtc module, which uses some different register mappings (and hopefully nothing else).

Things to do: 1. get the kernel booted from sd-card or usb-stick 2. get a JeOS image building and booting 3. get iommu with arm64 working 4. check if the initial implementation of crtc is working 5. do some nice patches for mainline

I'm based in Barcelona, so it will be difficult to multiplex my board with others. Anyway if someone wants to help, we can find a way. (e.g. looking on the JeOS build, searching for the iommu kernel patches etc).


Looking for mad skills in:

arm64 jeos kernel kiwi arm

This project is part of:

Hack Week 13 Hack Week 14


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    • abergmann
      about 3 years ago by abergmann | Reply

      Nice hardware. I would like to hear back from you how good the performance is with this board and if it is good enough for daily business.

    • a_faerber
      about 3 years ago by a_faerber | Reply

      I'm expecting a GeekBox during that week and might join in rk3368 hacking later.

    • bamvor
      about 3 years ago by bamvor | Reply

      I have another rk3368 STB. I am interested in how do you boot kernel in your box? Through recovery mode?

      I could share it if some one in Beijing want to play it.

      • gqjiang
        about 3 years ago by gqjiang | Reply

        Hi bamvor,

        I'd like to play with this board, how could I access it from Beijing office?

        Thanks, Guoqing

      • mbrugger
        about 3 years ago by mbrugger | Reply

        it is a bit tricky. you need to write some garbabe to the boot partition. and then you have to write your kernel to the kernel partition and the dtb to the resource partition.

    • michals
      about 2 years ago by michals | Reply

      I have a STB with a different RK chip. With the 2G ram it can be used as thin client at best. The GPU on xx68 is something really crappy IIRC so expect fbdev is your friend for graphics. It's not like the other GPUs that could be used are supported, anyway.

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