Implement external OBS api for better debugging

an invention by k0da

Hacking on OBS dashboard requires you to have a "real" data from staging projects. this is done by quering backend directly. So either yo...

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Package NVIDIA Cuda for Power

an invention by k0da

So far CUDA driver for Tesla card is only available as Ubuntu deb.

Try to find sources in it and create SLES12 rpm

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Github Projects Gnome Shell Extension

a project by hfschmidt

Checking the status of your Github pull requests is annoying. You have to lose focus from your current work (ie. hacking) and open your b...

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Teach RuboCop to Resocialize Zombies

a project by mvidner

or: Static Analysis of nil Values in Ruby Code used in YaST.

YaST is written in Ruby. A large part of the code is Ruby that was trans...

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Scout a replacement for MTUI

a project by rneuhauser

[MTUI][MTUI] is a tool used by QA-Maintenance in testing maintenance updates. Saddled with a host of questionable choices for its interf...

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