Chisel thumb Kernel oops decoder

a project by benjamin_poirier

Read in a crash or oops-style backtrace and access DWARF information to output the current content of the stack and registers in term of ...

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Pichacky Dochazka

a project by smithfarm

Dochazka is a long-term project to replace the obsolete Attendance & Time Tracking system used by the Prague office since 2007. Dochazka ...

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Drill thumb Bootstrap openSUSE for MIPS

a project by a_faerber

While in the past MIPS boards were either low-end PIC32 or found in routers running OpenWRT at most, Imagination themselves have recently...

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Screwdriver thumb Kernel-CI

a project by morbidrsa

At SUSE LabsConf 2015 we decided to run some sort of automated tests on the SLE and openSUSE kernels after each push to ...

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Terminal Setup an internal server

an invention by abergmann

The idea would be to setup an internal server to make instant command line collaboration easier.


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Wrench thumb PXEAT - A PXE management tool

a project by whdu

PXEAT is a tool to easily deploy and manage PXE service.

It's NOT a tool for automatic deployment. It can enable user to ad...

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Hammer thumb Understanding GPS internals

a project by awh

My car has it, nowadays every smartphone has it. But what's actually the math behind GPS (GLONASS) technique?

I vaguely know that the...

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Dsc 3880 QDirStat - Qt-based directory statistics: KDirStat without any KDE, now based on Qt 5

a project by shundhammer

This is about porting the old KDE 3 based KDirstat to the latest Qt 5. KDirStat didn't use that much KDE infrastructure to begin with, an...

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Hammer thumb Review scripts in openQA project

a project by yosun

To say it's a review, it's better to say it's a good way to learn from others. I'll review test scripts in openQA project as much as I ca...

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Hammer thumb Don't write tests! Generate them.

an invention by e_bischoff

The title of this project is inspired from the must-see video

[John Hughes - Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying Sane](https://www.yo...

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