Essentials 19 Hack the Hack Week tool

an invention by hennevogel

This project is about advancing the tool you're currently browsing.

It got started back in Hack Week 9 to retire all the weird too...

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Terminal Setup an internal server

an invention by abergmann

The idea would be to setup an internal server to make instant command line collaboration easier.


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Pliers thumb Improve futex coverage in trinity

an invention by dbueso

Futexes are complex enough that make it a good candidate for applying fuzzy testing techniques to the various inputs and operations that ...

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Chisel thumb Reconstruction Beijing GNU/Linux User Group Website

an invention by tonghuix

Cause the original BLUG website is too old and lack of security, so we plan to fully rework for this website.

It wi...

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Drill thumb Translation FlightGear Getstart Manual

an invention by tonghuix

The FlightGear is a free and open source flight simulator. To introduce what FlightGear offers, there is a ...

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Hand plane thumb fedmsg for SUSE services

an invention by oholecek

Our beloved competitor developed and use project-wide message bus called [Fedora Infrastructure Message Bus](

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Drill thumb Don't write tests! Generate them.

an invention by e_bischoff

The title of this project is inspired from the must-see video

[John Hughes - Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying Sane](https://www.yo...

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Chisel thumb Play with afl fuzzer

an invention by metan

The afl fuzzer is an interesting tool that uses compile time instrumentation and genetic algorithms to automatically produce test cases t...

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Pliers thumb Docker: Image Rebasing

an invention by cyphar

git rebase is a very useful construct in source control management, as it allows you to re-apply your changes atop a different branch o...

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Hand file thumb KDE bugzilla cleanup

an invention by scarabeus_iv

As detailed previously on devel and opensuse-factory the KDE team didn't have access to their bugs and could not actively subscribe.


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