Ruler thumb Static analyzer of Lua language

a project by NalaGinrut

I'm trying to write a static analyzer for Lua programming language. And I've ready done some parts, say, lexer/parser/AST/types...etc.


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Wrench thumb Photobooth with RaspberryPi

a project by digitaltomm

The software is a rails app with an Angular.js frontend using the gphoto2 library to trigger a Nikon D60 camera.

Features: take pictu...

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Pliers thumb Work reports 2.0

a project by kalabiyau

Micro-service for - making a report - distributing reports - later analysis of issues easier for Dev folks and managers.

What is a...

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Chisel thumb internal "gravatar" with floor icons

an idea by lnussel

set up an internal gravatar clone with floor icons for use in ibs, openqa etc

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