Saw thumb Look at Static Code Analysis and Code Coverage for C++

a project by aschnell

Look at static code analysis and code coverage for a C++ project, in this case [libstorage-bgl-eval](

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Chisel thumb Research Testing Tools for GFX Stack & how they can be used in openQA

a project by eeich

<p>There are numerous testing tools for the GFX stack available - the oldes being the xtest suite. At the same time, we are still lacking...

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Wrench thumb mysql-packaging git repo enhancement

a project by kstreitova

This Hackweek I would like to finish enhancing of the mysql-packaging git repository [1]. This improvement mainly consists of scripts for...

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Tahoe lafs logo kpreid 2.svg Tahoe-LAFS on OpenSUSE

a project by gsanso

Tahoe-LAFS is an open-source decentralized cloud storage system. It distributes your data across multiple servers. Even if some of the se...

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Hand plane thumb Shipping everything

a project by cschum

Writing code is wonderful, but it gets its real value, when it's released and shipped to the world. You know the mantra: "Release early, ...

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Hand file thumb Upgrade

a project by lrupp

While in general everything still works, the current (patached/extended) planet installation behind [](http://planet.o...

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Chisel thumb Stream the garden ! Mesh network meets multimedia in motion :-)

an idea by jplack

Building a mesh network is not rocket science.

There is enough free firmware for Wireless Routers out there to bring a mesh up in a ca...

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Hand file thumb Release openSUSE 42.1 Leap JeOS images

a project by RBrownSUSE

Given that Leap is now available, as installation media, we are going to dedicate some time to release ready to use 'Just enough Operati...

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Brute force attack Stealing SCC RegCodes

a project by dzedro

SCC doesn't require an email address, so could you automatically generate random keys until one matches and effectively 'steal' SCC licen...

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Drill thumb Training Labs Python Port, Liberty Support and OpenSUSE 13.2 support

a project by dguitarbite

Porting training labs to Python. This includes re-implementing the host side BASH scripts (which handle VirtualBox and KVM related tasks)...

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