Hammer thumb Windows Search Protocol (+ glib/tevent integration investigation)

an idea by npower

Windows Search Protocol

Due to the day to day grind I have had no chance in the last months to play more with the Windows Search Prot...

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Wrench thumb Crowbar on openSUSE Leap 42.1

a project by mjura

Let's do this :) !!!


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Ruler thumb SUSE Music(ian) Space

a project by ralfflaxa

Once again, the SUSE band is coming together to make music and we're planning a party this time round!!!

We have a band name :-)


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Screwdriver thumb clean up wiki pages on https://en.opensuse.org

an idea by ddemaio

There are a list of pages list on https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/opensuse_wiki that we would like to clean up. Please consider spe...

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Hammer thumb VNC protocol to openQA testcase writer

a project by fcrozat

By analysing a VNC session, we can create a draft of an openQA testcase (detecting keystroke, mouse click and generating fullscreen needl...

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Hammer thumb Explore the Haskell webstack

a project by bergmannf

As a counter-program to the daily usage of dynamic languages, I want to use this Hackweek to explore the web stack provided by very good ...

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Hammer thumb Learning ruby with betaman

an idea by gameboy974

Learning ruby with betaman

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Pliers thumb Start with fault tolerant Xen server prototype

a project by j_gross

A normal Xen server today has many single points of failure. Those can be reduced by disaggregating Dom0 into multiple domains (xenstore,...

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Hammer thumb libkdumpfile/gdb-kdump improvements

a project by alnovak

gdb-kdump (and libkdumpfile) needs a plenty of improvements and tasks to be done. For HackWeek 13, Vlastimil chose to work on SLAB me...

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Hand plane thumb Linux Certification Preparation

a project by asemen

Linux Certification Preparation

Preparation for different Linux Certification: of Linux foundation:

LFCE LFCS see also: https:...

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