<p>There are numerous testing tools for the GFX stack available - the oldes being the xtest suite. At the same time, we are still lacking automated test environments for the funktionalities of DRM, Mesa and X. Ideally the tests should be performed automatically and unattended and the results should be compared to previous runs to detect regressions.</p> <p>Research what tools exist to date and how they can be employed.</p>


  • RBrownSUSE
    about 5 years ago by RBrownSUSE | Reply

    QA have already ordered a few of these - http://www.adder.com/products/adderlink-ipeps

    These would allow openQA's existing VNC backend to review the output being presented via one of these ipeps IP KVM devices

    In theory, this would let us test any real output from any real VGA adaptor.. I'd love to see any alternatives you come up with though

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