Investigation of the testing framework Avocado (successor of autotest) Virtualization tests within the framework - xen, kvm, libvirt, qemu tests (we have used kvm tests done in autotest framework) Try if it is possible to run just setup section - like preparing hypervisor and guests with different parameters without executing tests for the bug validation etc.

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    • djz88
      over 2 years ago by djz88 | Reply

      avocado seems to be promising for virtualisation testing since it contains more than 10k tests for qemu, libvirt, integration of own tests is easy(xen). Even only for "preparation of a host". Guys from virt team are also playing around it.

      During a hackweek I was able to run some qemu tests with default configuration(jeos fedora). I tried to run install tests on SLES12SP1 but got stuck on autoyast. On a other hand qcow2 image can be automatically downloaded from the webserver.

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