how to speed up adsl connections with a smart mini router

a project by jordimassaguerpla

Remote working makes you face some "challenges" regarding networking setup. One of them can be reproduced as:

1- download a big file ...

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a project by lrupp allows you to combine repositories on with a simple to use WebUI for writing books. As result...

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hacking susetest

a project by dmaiocchi




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Improve Marvin dashboard

a project by ggherdovich

Marvin is a job scheduler that the Performance Team at SUSE Labs uses to automate the execution o...

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Jenkins Dashboard Web in Seaside (Pharo Smalltalk)

a project by thehejik

I want to create a basic web dashboard for Jenkins view with help of Jenkins XML API , Pharo, ...

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Use a Raspberry Pie with the Sense Hat to display messages via Salt

a project by joachimwerner

This was a short 2-hour fun project.

I wrote a small execution module for Salt that takes a text string and a mode ("status", "warning...

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Christmas Lights (lights switching to music) using Raspberry Pi

a project by goldwynr

The idea is to use a 8-switch relay (or two) to connect to a Raspberry pi and control the switches according to the music. To control th...

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Use nfc device to control Raspberry Pi

a project by acho-novell


Try nfc device to control RPi

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hacking with hypothesis.

a project by dwaas

Hypothesis is a python property based testing framework inspired by quickcheck.

My goal was to get familiar with the docs and eventual...

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