Screwdriver thumb Improve openvswitch+libvirt+Xen

a project by jfehlig

openvswitch is used by cloud infrastructure (e.g. OpenStack) and software defined networking stacks, often in conjunction with KVM and Xe...

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Pliers thumb Geeko's Hackweek Gazette - Nürnberg Edition

a project by xgonzo

Geeko's Hack Week Gazette - Nürnberg Edition

Provide a daily news mail what is going on during Hack Week

  • Project introduction...
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Screwdriver thumb Kernel oops decoder

a project by benjamin_poirier

Read in a crash or oops-style backtrace and access DWARF information to output the current content of the stack and registers in term of ...

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Hammer thumb Bootstrap openSUSE for MIPS

a project by a_faerber

While in the past MIPS boards were either low-end PIC32 or found in routers running OpenWRT at most, Imagination themselves have recently...

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Hammer thumb PXEAT - A PXE management tool

a project by whdu

PXEAT is a tool to easily deploy and manage PXE service.

It's NOT a tool for automatic deployment. It can enable user to ad...

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Dsc 3880 QDirStat - Qt-based directory statistics: KDirStat without any KDE, now based on Qt 5

a project by shundhammer

This is about porting the old KDE 3 based KDirstat to the latest Qt 5. KDirStat didn't use that much KDE infrastructure to begin with, an...

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Hand plane thumb Use jenkins as openQA UI

an invention by okurz


jenkins is a great CI system (continuous integration) with a plethora of plugins available. SUSE ...

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Hand plane thumb Linux Certification Preparation

a project by asemen

Linux Certification Preparation

Preparation for different Linux Certification: of Linux foundation:

LFCE LFCS see also: https:...

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Hand plane thumb Automate Haskell Packaging

an invention by psimons

We have various individual tools to automate parts of the Haskell packaging process, like cabal-rpm, but those tools aren't integrated ...

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Chisel thumb Agilify stale meetings

a project by fteodori

Distributed teams, cultural differences, expectations and habits are a natural enemy of vibrant, productive meetings (yes, meetings can b...

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