Drill thumb Learn gitbook.com

an idea by lrupp

https://www.gitbook.com/ allows you to combine repositories on https://github.com with a simple to use WebUI for writing books. As result...

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Saw thumb Weblate rush

a project by nmoudra

I want to start working on translations which might be useful in our work (to focus on apps used by us during our work) and to push the r...

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Saw thumb SSH (Suse Social Hack) game

a project by nmoudra

This is a project to create a "larp" game for SUSE employees (or anyone geeky enough to play this) which will be based on computer relate...

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Chisel thumb Write a commandline tool to generate SSL Certificates

a project by mcalmer

  • easy to use commandline tool to generate CA Certificates and Server Certificates
  • package the certificates in RPMs for easy deploymen...
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Pliers thumb Getting familiar with Trello

an idea by sndirsch

As a newbie to Trello I would like to get more familiar with that tool. This includes import/export possibilities Trello is offering like...

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Screwdriver thumb how to speed up adsl connections with a smart mini router

a project by jordimassaguerpla

Remote working makes you face some "challenges" regarding networking setup. One of them can be reproduced as:

1- download a big file ...

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Avocado1 Avocado testing framework

a project by leylekler

Investigation of the testing framework Avocado (successor of autotest) Virtualization tests within the framework - xen, kvm, libvirt, q...

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Crowbar keys Add keyboard shortcuts to Crowbar

a project by m_meister

Some input is still needed about the keybindings, which ones to use.

see [https://github.com/crowbar/crowbar-core/pull/509](https://gi...

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Screenshot from 2016 06 30 09 42 51 document and enhance the Crowbar API

a project by m_meister

Adding some API documentation for Crowbar, which is still missing. There are some API comments along with the Rails controller methods, b...

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Hand plane thumb La Mapería

a project by federico-mena

A utility to make beautifully printed maps from OpenStreetMap data.

Repository at https://github.com/federicomenaquintero/lamaperia


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