Finish Making a grub-ipxe package for opensuse like Ubuntu has

a project by blarson

In ubuntu, you can install grub-ipxe, which adds an ipxe entry to the grub menu. This allows you to easily pxe boot on machines that may...

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JUnit SLEnkins Test for Firefox

a project by cgrobertson

Create a JUnit test suite for Firefox browser and integrate the tests into SLEnkins.

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go verdura, Particularly important are the CI vitamins

a project by dmaiocchi

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Automate the workreport email with python

an invention by ktsamis

In the spirit of learning more python and practicing I will be creating a script to automate the work report emails that we send every we...

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Distributed FS for openQA

an invention by oholecek

For far too long openQA instances are crippled by insufficient I/O throughput when under heavy load. This results in incomplete and abort...

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Linux driver for the AverMedia LGP Lite (GL310)

a project by patrikjakobsson

The AverMedia LGP Lite (GL310) is a cheap HDMI (with pass-through) to USB 2.0 capture card. The card only supports compressed output (afa...

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Extend the git-fixes framework to find non-upstream maintainers for files and patches

a project by joro

From the kernel-source git repository for SUSE kernels we can extract the people who backported a patch and the files a patch touches. Us...

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30 years of game development in 5 days

an invention by thutterer

You know Tetris, right? You know Telegram, don't you?

The first is a classic video game, the second has [Game Bots](https://core.tele...

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Wolffish Hacking

a project by k_mroz

More work on Wolffish prototype here

Looking into what a diagnostics view might be (minion stats,...

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Square Foot Garden planner

a project by alexharford is a form of intensive gardening that packs plants closely together. It depends on companion planting to ...

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