The plan is to gather ideas about how SUSE can become a more integral part of the local tech community scene (in PRG, NUE, or other locations). As a person who has been involved in educating women about tech for some time, I am thinking of introductory workshops and meetups, aimed not necessarily only at female audience.

The output of this project should be a document with suggested activities, including:

  • what resources will be necessary to achieve the related goals
  • who the targeted groups are and how we can reach them
  • what will be the benefits for both the community and the company etc.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

community education

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


  • vsvecova
    over 3 years ago by vsvecova | Reply

    Progress update:

    • Drafted a tentative (rough) outline of introductory Linux workshop
    • Drafted a list of potential community activities which still needs to be expanded with more details

    To do:

    • Continue working on this project in my free time
    • Extend and add details to proposed community activities
    • When done, send the list to Doug, Chris and Petr to discuss the ideas
    • Start organizing!

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