There are several popular ways of controlling home automation with voice today. Amazon Echo and Google Home both allow users to control lights, speakers, etc. with a simple voice command.

For this project, I want to replicate some of the simple voice commands supported by projects like those, but in a way that does all processing from within the local network, and doesn't upload any voice clips to a server outside the home. There's something that feels a little uncomfortable about Amazon or Google having the ability to listen in on all conversations, so I'm trying to eliminate that while still being able to turn my lights on or off by voice.

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  • alarrosa
    almost 4 years ago by alarrosa | Reply

    Just in case it helps... The QtSpeech module officially is used for Text-to-Speech, but there's a work-in-progress branch which at some point had some basic Speech-to-Text support. You can see an example at , the code at and some more information at

  • bmaryniuk
    almost 4 years ago by bmaryniuk | Reply

    @alarrosa, actually I have pocketsphinx in my Jessy and it even works (sometimes and for very simple things, ha-ha), but end up going to the public services (and even they still sucks, unless it is Google for pay). I am all ears to hear a good standalone open source VR.

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