Pliers thumb Web spider

a project by shukui

Using python's lib requests to write a small(PoC) Web spider.

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Screwdriver thumb Improve posixovl to support fully featured POSIX file system on top of any limited file system (e. g. vfat)

a project by sbrabec

posixovl is a FUSE based successor of the old UMSDOS. It has a goal to provide POSIX file system functionality on top of vfat. Its code i...

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Pliers thumb Ceph Radosgw Client in Android File Manager

a project by alexlau

Ceph is very robust for keeping data, beside using cephfs or exporting rbd. It is not too easy to access object directly with a client, l...

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Rect4825 Jessy: it is like Alexa, but closer to you

a project by bmaryniuk

Alexa understands you. Jessy is the same, but you also understand her! :-)

Everyone loves to talk to the computer. Especially if it ...

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Hammer thumb Automated watering project

a project by mosquetero


I would like to start growing crops but during summer it gets too hot and sometimes I need to water several times a day. B...

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Portrait4 200x240 [hw15challenge] Mock ECO process in Jira

an idea by aosthof

Lay out a mock version of the ECO process in JIRA.

In our test instance of Jira ( there's now a new issue t...

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Hand file thumb HA Storage in the market: M$ + Proxmox

a project by zzhou

Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 at October, 2016. In the data center edition, it released Storage Spaces Direct features for SDS/H...

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Ruler thumb Make git-sort faster

a project by benjamin_poirier

git-sort is a a tool that reads a list of git commits and sorts them so ...

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Images Package Mod DUO pedalboard software for openSUSE

a project by dmacvicar

the MOD Duo is a guitar/instrument pedalboard made by the company Mod Devices, which has the foll...

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Wrench thumb Inqlude, the Qt software archive

a project by cschum

During Hack Week 7 I worked on an archive of Qt-based libraries. The goal was to easily make all available Qt libraries accessible to dev...

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