Wrench thumb Experiment with openSUSE Docker Container

an idea by charleswang007007


Hello World (Ubuntu 14.04)

reference: [blog.hellosanta.com.tw](https://blog.hellosanta.com.tw/%E7%B6%B2%E7%AB%99%E8%A8%A...

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Saw thumb orca: build OCI images from Dockerfiles

a project by cyphar

Currently the main complaint people have about OCI tooling is the lack of a transition from Docker to OCI. With umoci you have a lot of l...

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Firebird Improve the Firebird Emu Experience on android

a project by favogt

Firebird Emu is a third-party multi-platform emulator of the ARM-based TI-Nspire™ calculators....

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Chisel thumb Retro game: Space Trash Roundup

a project by wstephenson

I like writing little retro games for my kids but these are rarely 'finished'. So I set myself the project of writing a full game in a we...

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Wrench thumb gfxboot for grub2

a project by snwint

Make a final attempt to implement a graphical user interface for grub2 (gfxboot2).

It's quite some work, unfortunately. Here's what'...

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Screwdriver thumb saltify dotfiles, workstation, laptop, Desktop Environment and beyond (NAS, router, media center, Kodi, if time allows)

a project by vcuadradojuan

See https://github.com/viccuad/salt-configs .

The idea is to apply the Puppet code pattern ...

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Ruler thumb i3 timer

a project by dwaas

This project was to get familiar with shared memory concepts and boost libraries. The excuse was to create a timer visible in the i3 stat...

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Pliers thumb MongoDB-Replication

an idea by simonlm

Learning MongoDB knowledge, trying build MongoDB master-slave replication, master the data can be written back to the slave.

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Pliers thumb Linux Certification Preparation

a project by asemen

Linux Certification Preparation

Preparation for different Linux Certification: of Linux foundation:

LFCE LFCS see also: https:...

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Pliers thumb froxlor Server Management Panel

a project by asemen

froxlor Server Management Panel

create and start a push request upstream the openSUSE Leap 42.1 configuration tab


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