Sliced cucumber YaST Integration Tests Using Cucumber

a project by lslezak

Currently we use openQA for the the YaST integration tests. It runs YaST in a VM and controls it via emul...

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Ruler thumb Using BCC to snoop ACPI or PCI power

a project by joeyli

BPF Compiler Collection (BCC)

BCC is a toolkit for creating efficient kernel tracing and manipulation ...

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Ruler thumb OpenCV on SLES on Raspberry Pi

a project by joadavis

I just want to learn how OpenCV works. And having a portable version would be great.

  • learn how to install SLES on RPi
  • learn how ...
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Hand file thumb Flipdot sign

a project by aocole

I have a Flipdot sign that needs control hardware/software. I believe it supports RS485.

  • Get it to display anything at all
  • Turn i...
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Hammer thumb Kite aerial photography

a project by aocole

Experiment with kite aerial photography

  • Build or buy kite?
  • I have some t...
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Wrench thumb Reanimate djmount

a project by mwilck

djmount is a neat idea - see UPnP/AV resources in your directly in the file system. Unfortunately the ...

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Hand plane thumb Implement more (all missing) Filesystems in libstorage-ng

an invention by aschnell

The next generation libstorage-ng is still missing support for some filesystems. The task is...

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Echse mg 1721 Project Maxfeld: Cultural Onboarding to counter unknown unknowns

a project by mfeilner

I promised to start this project way earlier, but I think Hackweek will be a great time to make a start.

The project once was called ...

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Wrench thumb Apple swift language for openSUSE

an invention by kshatskyy

Build opensource swift language package for Leap 42.3, Leap 15.0 on OBS.

Current activity is going on here [home&...

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Hand plane thumb SUSE Photography Space

an invention by JWSun

These project have two sub-object.

  • Develop a lite edition photo manage tool, use to export photos from cellphone, memory card and ot...
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