Small non profit organisations or activist groups need a Web presence that is easy to maintain by several authors. When using a CMS they do not have the resources to secure the CMS from the various possible attacs most CMSes are notorious for. Defacement or placing malicious content can damage the reputation of such non profit organisations.

The solution would be to combine an of the shelf CMS with a static web server that is hosted on a different IP address. The authors would access the CMS through a kind of remote access gateway e.g. openvpn) where access can be well secured with certificates or even hardware tokens.

Publishing would be a completely separate process: It needs access to the webserver, which would pull the static html content from the hidden CMS.

In the hack week I would line to select an appropriate free CMS and to set up a prototype for the integration in an environment as described. I myself have few CMS experience but some ideas about the overall architecture. So CMS experts are very welcome.


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