I've attempted this several times already and each attempt had different shortcomings. I'm kind of curious about how exactly will I fail this time.

And it looks like I haven't failed this time.

I managed to write a proof of concept over the hackweek. The internal data structures and algorithms are done. It can render a GUI from a completely static description (nested C structures) as well as generate it on the fly. Rendering works, event passing as well. The only thing that is missing are widgets, apart from layout defining widgets (which are the most complex ones) it only can render labels, checkboxes and buttons. However I would say that writing all basic widgets would be not much more than week worth of work. I will put the code on GitHub once the basic widgets are done, stay tuned.

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  • pjanouch
    over 4 years ago by pjanouch | Reply


  • dmacvicar
    over 4 years ago by dmacvicar | Reply

    Have you seen https://github.com/andlabs/libui ?

    • metan
      over 4 years ago by metan | Reply

      I've looked into it but it does not seem to be interesting. It's just abstraction layer over a few different widget libraries and the API is as inelegant as it could be.

  • metan
    over 3 years ago by metan | Reply

    I guess that it's time to play with the code a bit more to see where can I get.

  • metan
    about 1 year ago by metan | Reply

    Just to update this, the widgets are at https://github.com/metan-ucw/widgets for quite some time and I've been working on writing actual applications using them for a while so I would like to continue work on this during the next hackweek.

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