Yes this project is yet another project for creating a Suse Manager clone.

The motivation for that comes mainly from my need for a simple suse manager that i can easily run at home without the massive overhead involved in suse manager setup. Also since i mainly need to manage opensuse machines most of which are tumbleweed, suse managers repository model does not really work well in that case.

This is very much a long term effort which eventually should result in a modern replacement for suse manager. There will also a lot of crazy ideas explored in this project.

The base for working with rpms and repos will be this library which is developed with the goal of string types and validation in mind.

The project will be 100% scala back/ frontend and.

If you are interested or like to join shoot me a message and we can coordinate.


Before you ask i'm well aware of SMT / RMT and the recent Minima project so let me explain whats the difference here.

While most of those projects are rewrites for rewrite sake this project aims to fix a fundamental problem that plagues the Suse Manager codebase and leads to the majority of bugs and slow development. Suse Managers types are often not very precise and leave to much room for mistakes paired with mostly unvalidated dictionary and string passing of salt this makes it very hard for anyone working on it to understand whats supposed to be right. So this project strifes to create a solid foundation by mapping the reality that is our domain of system management to proper and precise types that don't allow room for interpretation and mistakes. To prove the point of this being actually useful, during the development of rpm4s i discovered bugs in opensuse specfiles, createrepo and even in the very design of repomd xml. Now this should explain why the other project don't fit this goal given their choice of language and weak type systems.

Looking for mad skills in:

rpm susemanager scala fp ssh

This project is part of:

Hack Week 16 Hack Week 17


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