Wrench thumb Study and try to improve live migration, esp. memory-copy

a project by fei_Shirley

As live migration is widely used in many scenarios nowadays, spend one week time to study it and try to improve its efficiency, e.g. seam...

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Hand file thumb Learn how openQA was implemented in details.

a project by GraceWang

Learn how openQA was implemented in details.

And will spend some time to learn Perl (e.g. read the book <Learning Perl>)

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Hammer thumb git snitch

a project by zhangxiaofei

While it is important for package maintainers to track the upstream code base activities and backport significant patches in a timely man...

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Hpr2223 k1b.8b Deploy an openQA and create 3 openQA testcase for nautilus

a project by qzhao

Deploy an openQA on my locally virtual machine and create 3 openQA test case for nautilus.

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Hand file thumb Implement QEMU Firmware Config device support in Linuxrc/AutoYaST

a project by dmacvicar

While normally data is passed to linuxrc (including an AutoYaST profile), modern auto-install tools like Ignition from CoreOS support a v...

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Kdenlive kdenlive: Help finishing the timeline refactor

a project by gboiko

Kdenlive is refactoring its timeline to be based on Qt's data models and a QML view. This work is not yet finalized so any help there is ...

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Chisel thumb My own picture gallery using Flickr API

a project by mvancura

Flickr provides not only a large space for photos but also nice features around, including tags and other metadata allowing sorting of ph...

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Screwdriver thumb online DB of L3 supported products

a project by mvancura

The goal is to create a set of YAML files describing L3 supported products with all metadata we need to store there - and a JS presentati...

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Wrench thumb Go async (and non-blocking) with HTTP requests

a project by Johannes Renner

There is a couple of libraries available for asynchronous and non-blocking processing of HTTP requests (in Java) that can be used to avoi...

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Pliers thumb Write Blog Posts About Open Source Summit Europe 2017

an idea by ta-ro

Two blog posts planned in different platforms.

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