Hand plane thumb Add SUSE Manager virtualization management capabilities

a project by cbosdonnat

SUSE Manager can do some virtual machines management, but needs a lot to be complete. This project is about investigating more on that t...

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Salt Salt in QA Maintenance

a project by DZiolkowski

Salt – *The most intelligent, powerful and flexible open source software for remote execution, configuration automation, cloud contro...

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Drill thumb Convert the aging canelatr bot to AWS Lambda

a project by barendartchuk

My friends have been using a supybot bot to help organizing weekly football matches. Over th...

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Terraform logo Deploy our Terraform code via GitLab CI

a project by hfschmidt

In our team, we currently manually deploy our Terraform code (namely, the SUSE Registry at registry.suse.com) from our own PCs. This is e...

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Hand file thumb Birdwatching with motion and gphoto2

a project by msmeissn

I want to watch birds at the birdfeeder on my balcony.

Motion is a great tool for video4linux cameras to do that, but the quality is n...

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Drill thumb Improve my small tool - compare_pkglist.py

a project by mlin7442

I have a small tool called compare_pkglist.py[1] which comparing packages between two build service project and it able to show the diff ...

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Ruler thumb Running openATTIC and DeepSea on multiple distros

a project by jluis

Running openATTIC and DeepSea on Multiple Distributions



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Chiponboard epox 64px fun hardware peripherials

a project by michals

There are many fun peripherials that you can connect to a RPi but PC users are not left out either

  • attiny85 <a href="http://www.bang...
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Chisel thumb Play with Docker, Kubernetes and AWS using Ansible

a project by gsanso

I'd like to learn Docker and Kubernetes. I'd also like to learn about AWS so I'll use that platform using the free tier account. Finall...

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Saw thumb Time Cube

a project by cbruckmayer

An initial prototype from the last hackweek can be found on YouTube

Some may know the reality TV show ...

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