Drill thumb Big SUSE Event Bus (for SUSE services integration)

a project by mdinca

Within SUSE we are using various systems for different tasks. E.g. GitHub and GitLab as DVCS, Jenkins for building or testing, OBS for bu...

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Screwdriver thumb Improve GfxTablet

a project by Pastafly

Improve the progress made with the GfxTablet last year https://github.com/Devp00l/GfxTablet / https://hackweek.suse.com/16/projects/turn-...

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Drill thumb Learn Suse OpenStack Cloud

an idea by emiura


Learn about the concept

Learn how to deploy

Learn how to manage

Basic Usage

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Gophy Improve devbot for QA-tools team while learning Golang

a project by szarate

Once upon a time there was a bot

@mudler Created [devbot](https://github.com/mudler/d...

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Wrench thumb Investigate EtherCAT fieldbus

an idea by a_faerber

The Infineon [XMC4800 EtherCAT Relax Kit](http://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/evaluation-boards/KITXMC48RELAXECATV1/productType.ht...

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Drill thumb Learning Salt (The Fun Way)

a project by jcavalheiro


  • Connect multiple Salt minions (including Raspberry Pi's) to a master and coordinate actions between them.
  • Each minion...
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Wrench thumb Some research on HA and proxies and mirrors

an idea by jordimassaguerpla

Description of the problem:

There is a website which we want it to be Available even in the following situations:

  • The servers are...
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Hammer thumb opensuse docker images for mining cryptocurrencies

a project by tiagoherrmann

I intend to create opensuse docker images ready for mining cryptocurrencies (cpu based algorithms like cryptonight as a first try), and i...

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Chisel thumb perf bench epoll

a project by dbueso

While there are plenty of benchmarks that compare different IO multiplexing techniques such as epoll vs poll/select, there's really nothi...

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Screwdriver thumb Add Xen PVH support to grub2

a project by j_gross

PVH domains are a new guest type supported by Xen being as lightweight as possible (e.g. no emulation of legacy devices via qemu) while t...

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