Screwdriver thumb My Little Manager

a project by lucidd

Yes this project is yet another project for creating a Suse Manager clone.

The motivation for that comes mainly from my need for a sim...

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Screwdriver thumb Mottainai - what a waste!

an idea by EDiGiacinto

Mottainai - Task/Job/Build Server for everyone!

Written in Golang. You can find the source code on [GitHub](

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Dapstext Add ASCIIDOC support to DAPS

a project by fsundermeyer

DAPS, the "DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite" provides a tool set for easy creation and publication of DocBook sources on Linux. DAP...

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Hand file thumb simple backup to remote machine

an idea by psladek

The idea is to have a simple, easily invoked tool which can be run every day or even several times a day (manually or scheduled) without ...

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Pliers thumb Study SymPy / Learn some Python & refresh some Maths

an idea by JERiveraMoya

I would like to experiment with SymPy this week, it is a good opportunity to use some python, learn symbolic mathematics and refresh some...

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Business graph graph line graphs statistics chart diagram icon Research SEO solutions available in WP

an idea by ckowalczyk

There are numerous technologies available in WP, apparently easy to use and powerful. Is it possible to take advantage of them and make s...

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Screwdriver thumb make some contributions for terraform-libvirtd-plugin golang project

a project by dmaiocchi

since i am learning golang, i will make some contributions for the upstream project we used already @suse

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2388868 Admin UI for the Minion job queue

a project by kraih

Minion, the job queue of the Mojolicious web framework, currently has to be ...

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Chisel thumb OBS project file search

a project by adamm

Implement a basic file search for a given OBS project. An example of basic functionality can already be found for [Ubuntu](http://package...

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Drill thumb Get up to speed and experiment with new front-end web techs

a project by richardcox

A week of learning, improving and playing with some of the relatively new front-end stacks and patterns.

  • Angular 2+
  • Redux
  • Grap...
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