Actions kernel mainlining: pinctrl

an invention by a_faerber

During my trip to and from SUSECon 2017 I had been working on a pinctrl driver for Actions Semi S500, based on a previous pinctrl driver of mine for Realtek RTD1295. Goal of this project is to complete the driver with pin definitions and muxes.

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Improve Qt knowledge and learn QtQuick

an idea by mvetter

My knowledge of Qt is still superficial, I would like to deepen it and also learn QtQuick. Reading some books, experimenting and contributing somewhere.

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an idea by yjmwxwx

-serial mon:stdio 按Ctrl+c可以不退出

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openSUSE Tumbleweed Snapshots: refactor for S3 and deploy

an invention by jberry

In lieu of official hosting which was requested a year ago, go ahead and refactor approach to work on AWS S3. The previous approaches used either soft or hard links to avoid duplicating files that remain unchanged between snapshots, but S3 is not a file-system and does not support links. The closest comparable concept are object level redirects, but managing and creating those would be combersome, slow, and result in a higher bill. To avoid that an alternative that does not require object level redirects to simulate links, but that does not requiring duplicating files would be preferable. In addition the tool built to provide such snapshots on S3 should be easily deployable and setup to run automatically on AWS.

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a project by yjmwxwx

第一个程序 .section .data

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OpenStack Cinder iSCSI Ceph driver

a project by wboring

This project is a POC to create an iSCSI driver for the Ceph backend for Cinder. There are a few use cases that would make it nice to be able to attach a ceph volume as an iSCSI target.

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A Voice Assisted and AI Enabled Product Manual Query System

an idea by charleswang007007

This is a project I made for IoT World Hackathon (May 16-17th 2018), sponsored by Google. The project features a streamlined product manual query system deployed with Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, and DialogFlow which greatly reduces time searching for instructions by building a voice-controlled and natural language understanding conversational interfaces on Raspberry Pi.

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Package kivy and python project for Android

an invention by joadavis

About 3 years ago I wrote some Python and Kivy code for my Samsung Galaxy S4 in QPython. Unfortunately, QPython updated and broke its kivy compatibility. I've been waiting for them to fix it, but mostly have given up. So instead, just investigate how to turn the kivy code into an .apk for installation on an Android device! There are directions for this on the kivy website.

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Deep learning/ AI topics

an invention by arun_kant

Planning to do some deep learning course sessions e.g. fastai , google ML crash course etc. Also try to understand common tools (tensorflow, jupyter notebook, numpy, pandas, pytorch) and practices e.g. Convoluation neutral nets, SGD used to solve learning problems. Aim is to get ready for kaggle competition ( eventually to test out learning and develop intuition around categories of learning problems.

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Research IOT and Home Automation

an idea by eapendergrass

Research Interfacing Linux with: - 1-wire and other weather sensors (temperature, wind, humidity, rain)

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