Use this hackweek to practice and learn more about Go.

Looking for mad skills in:

golang go

This project is part of:

Hack Week 16 Hack Week 17


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    • zluo
      over 1 year ago by zluo | Reply

      good idea! let's play Go...

    • vcuadradojuan
      over 1 year ago by vcuadradojuan | Reply

      In 2 half-days I was able to:
      - Read thesis about
      - Study code to contribute in the future
      - Read half of

      • vcuadradojuan
        7 months ago by vcuadradojuan | Reply

        In this week I was able to:

          * Write a little webapp: trip planner
              - learned gorilla/mux http library, particularly routers
              - learned gRPC
              - learned new vgo

    • e_bischoff
      8 months ago by e_bischoff | Reply

      Yes I plan to be learning Go too during this hackweek 0x11.

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